About Us

Welcome to THEPROBLOGGER’s About Page where you can know more about me and my blog. THEPROBLOGGER is blog which posts articles on different blog topics like SEO, WordPress, How to, Internet Marketing, Social Networking and on AdSense. THEPROBLOGGER was launched on February  15th  2013, with the aim to provide all the newbie bloggers with such types of articles and opportunities that would help a newbie blogger to create a successful career in blogging, and ever since the launch of our blog we have set up the AdSense Revenue Sharing Program, which will help a newbie blogger to earn from their contents by simply posting Guest Posts on our blog, we are also providing all the guest authors with a ‘Do-follow’ Backlink to their blogs or websites.

About Our Blog.

Most of us might be thinking about what’s the catch in the domain name of our blog, why did we choose THEPROBLOGGER as a brand name for this blog. Well there is no catch here, and it is to clarify you that we have chosen the name because it is close to our niche making it easier for our reader to remember our domain.

THEPROBLOGGER was mainly focuses on Newbie bloggers and the main aim of our blog is to provide Newbie bloggers with enough Articles and guides that will help them to create a truly well established and well maintained blog.

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